Trees and Fences and a Cat named Boris

We’ve been busy outside while the weather has been nice planting trees. Three cherry trees and two apple trees in what will be my fruit and vegetable garden and ten maple trees lining the driveway. They all look like sticks right now, but after two or three years they should be looking like quite something!

Brian also ordered three raised garden beds for me. Once they’ve arrived and are built, installed and filled with dirt, I’ll share pictures.

We also adopted a cat from the Juneau Humane Society. He was adopted out as a barn cat because apparently he sprayed in the house. He’s the sweetest thing and is getting along well with our bunny “MooMoo”. Marge, the cat we inherited, isn’t quite sure about the goings on in the barn, but she seems to be getting used to the change . . . and the wet food we put out for her every morning. There’s nothing like good food to bring an animal around to your way of thinking . . . well at least partially.

We went for a drive to visit our girls yesterday. It had been almost a month since we saw them due to the move. They are all well and of course, remembered us, or at least the carrots we brought for them. We are looking forward to shearing at the end of this month, breeding in June and then bringing them to the farm sometime towards the end of June, early July.

Life is good on the farm!

Living Alpaca Loca,

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