Creating Yarn!

Several weeks ago I signed up for a Spinning Class at Susan’s Fiber Shop in East Bristol, WI. That first class was a bit of a blur, to be honest. There was so much new information to learn and well, let’s just say that when I got my spinning wheel home I did not know enough to adjust the tension and move the fiber hooks to spread the yarn evenly on the bobbin. I was not amused . . .

Then, this past Monday I made the time to go back out to Susan’s and take my second class. What a difference a second class makes! I now know to adjust the tension and move the little clips so that my yarn spreads evenly on the bobbin. It was much more fun and relaxing! I also learned how to card on a carding machine, how to ply, wash and prepare my yarn. What joy!

I spent several hours yesterday afternoon spinning yarn on my brand new Ashford Kiwi Spinning Wheel. All went without a hitch. I now have an almost full bobbin and will spin another in order to ply and create another skein of yarn. I’m really enjoying this aspect of the alpaca lifestyle!


Susan’s Fiber Shop
N250 County Road A
Columbus, WI 53925

Living Alpaca Loca,