Autumn on the Farm

With the weather staying warmer and only two light dumpings of snow, we’ve managed to get quite a lot accomplished around the farm this fall. Work on the house continues – new doors are in and we’re waiting on windows. Some of those small, yet surprisingly annoying, items are being crossed off (like being able to finally push the fridge back into its space after our contractor refitted some upper cabinets) and the main bath wallpaper has been removed with new paint in its place.

We’ve fenced in the winter pasture for the girls and winterized the chicken/duck coop. We’ve had new water lines installed to the chicken/duck coop and big barn with an automatic waterer for the girls. We’ve started stacking the woodpile that Brian just had to bring from our house in Waterloo and have burned brush. Brian has also built a new deck off of the back of the house so the dogs have an easier time of getting outside and the goats can see in the door (not planned, but they’re liking it!).

Fourteen of my 33 hens are laying eggs and all five of my ducks are laying beautiful eggs as well. Rooster is having the time of his life – so many hens, so little time! The goats are doing well, although they’ve gotten a little chubby, so we’ve backed off on the animal crackers until they lose a little weight. The rabbits are doing well – Moo Moo is off to the vet today to get neutered. We’re hoping to find him a rabbit friend, even though he seems quite attached to Boris (the cat) we feel he might like to have one of his own kind for companionship.

All-in-all we’ve settled into a nice routine and everyone is healthy and happy. So now, of course me being me, I have to stir things up and introduce a new critter to the mix. Introducing “Finnegan” our newly adopted miniature pig. He’ll be coming to the farm around December 9th all the way from California. I’m looking forward to this little piggy!


Enjoy the reprieve from winter we’re having (at least here in Wisconsin). Until next time . . .

Living Alpaca Loca,