Guardian Dogs

heidi and maxHaving decided that we wanted livestock guardian dogs I started doing some research on them. Our mentors, Kim and Linda, have a Great Pyrenees and a Maremma. Both beautiful, big, white, friendly dogs. I thought I had decided on the Maremma. The Universe thought otherwise. Kim emailed me with a link to a farm that was re-homing two of their dogs – a bonded pair. I called up Laura (Kissin’ Coussens Alpaca Farm) and we had a nice talk about the dogs. I emailed her a few days later, and after much consideration, she decided that we would be a good home for the dogs. I’m so excited to welcome Max (short for Maximus) and Heidi!

Laura is going to keep the dogs for us until we move onto the farm. So now we have six alpacas and two Great Pyrenees as part of our growing farm family. I understand that April is chick month . . .

Living Alpaca Loca,