Where’d summer go?

Even though it feels like we had a very short summer, it was a good one. We spent a lot of time outdoors either working on one project or another, or lazing about . . . after all, isn’t that what summer is for? Well, it is if you don’t live on a farm.


Here’s a flashback of all that’s happened this year . . .

Purchased seven alpacas.
Purchased 16.5 acre farm with oodles of space.
Purchased three rabbits.
Purchased 10 ducks.
Purchased 15 chickens, but ended up with 34.
Purchased two goats.
Purchased one Maremma – livestock guardian dog.
Had a friend come from Canada to help with new fencing for the alpacas – thanks Richard!
Mowed more lawn in one summer than I’ve mowed in my entire lifetime.
Planted and harvested a garden.
Planted 10 maple trees, three blue spruce, three cherry and two apple trees.
Sold my Reiki practice in Madison.
New pavement from driveway to barn.
New water lines to big barn and chicken coop.
New doors and windows are going in the house along with a new front porch.
Repainted and upgraded main floor bath.
Installed farm sign and landscaping.
Hosted five Open Farm Days and National Alpaca Farm Days.
Learned how to trim Bijou’s beak and nails (saving money and an hour’s drive!).
Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.


It’s small wonder that I feel so exhausted . . . but in a good way!

I’ve enjoyed getting up at the crack of dawn to prepare food for the rabbits, ducks and chickens. To cleaning out the coop and filling water buckets. To treating my goats and Loki to animal crackers and dog biscuits. To learning how to halter and lead our alpacas and cleaning the pasture. But mostly I’ve enjoyed the presence, and the antics, of these amazing creatures. All of them! They’ve all imprinted on my heart and I’m pretty sure Brian feels the same.


And now as we move into fall, we’re making preparations for winter. This, my friends, will make us or break us. We’re pretty tough though because in our hearts, we were born farmers!

Living Alpaca Loca,

Go Ask Alice

DCF's Go Ask Alice

DCF’s Go Ask Alice

Well, if you ask Alice, she’ll tell you that I’m quite smitten with her. Every time we’re at Dougherty Creek Farm visiting our girls, there’s Alice, right behind me. Of course it could just be the carrots, but I’m pretty sure she’s smitten with me too.

So at the end of our visit, I asked Kim and Linda what Alice’s story was. They told us how she gets into her fair share of trouble. Did that deter me? No. Who could resist that face and all that charm? So, now there are six. As in six Alpacas that we’ll be bringing home to our own farm . . . the sooner the better!

Living Alpaca Loca,

It’s Official! We’re Alpaca Farmers!

Teresa and Gabriela.

Teresa and Gabriela.

We purchased our first breeding females today! We’re officially Alpaca farmers! We’ll be boarding our girls with Dougherty Creek Alpacas until we get on the farm. The wheels of change are grinding and they’re well oiled because things are happening very quickly! Just the way I like it! Let me introduce you to our girls (someone pinch me!). Click here to visit ‘Our Herd’.

Living Alpaca Loca,

Closing in . . .

We’re close to buying our first alpacas! After much consideration we’ve decided on Huacaya females from Dougherty Creek Farm Alpacas. Olivia, Eliza Jane and Gabriela (know affectionately by Kim and Linda as the ‘Mallory Girls’) and Halo and Elle (mother and daughter).

Elle - 3 mo  (3)We’re going to board our little herd at Dougherty Creek Farm until we buy our own farm in one to two years. We were going to board them closer to home (DCF is an hour away), but thought in the best interest of the ‘girls’ it would be better to leave them where they’re familiar rather than moving them and then moving them again. Knowing that they’ll be well taken care of by Kim and Linda (as they have been all along!) is also another reason for boarding them at DCF.

We are extremely grateful and excited to begin our journey into the alpaca business and look forward to getting to know the ins-and-outs of the industry and how to run an alpaca farm.

Living Alpaca Loca,