Chickens and Ducks and a Peacock! Oh My!

We’ve gone cuckoo for chickens! While we patiently (I say that with a profound chagrin) wait for our house to sell, we are planning for our days on the farm. I was quite adamant that I wanted chickens, but Brian wasn’t really in on the idea. Having been out to the farm the other day and seeing what an excellent chicken coop sits right behind the house, he’s changed his mind! So this morning, we’ve been googling all kinds of chickens to see which ones would fit best with our lifestyle and needs.

We came across a couple of really good chicken sites: Purely Poultry and Keeping Chickens, both really excellent sites with loads of information and pictures. As luck would have it, we’re not far from Purely Poultry, so when we’re ready, we’ll be able to pick up our chicks.

We’ve decided on (starting in the top left corner and going clockwise) Black Australorp chickens, Cinnamon Queen chickens, Golden Lace Wyandotte chickens, a Peacock and two Cayuga ducks. It will be fun and interesting to get this flock of feathered beauties settled in to the their new home, and we’re looking forward to farm fresh eggs . . . right from our own farm!
Living Alpaca Loca,