Day Dreamin’

Now . . . we wait . . . for our current house to sell. My Angels have assured me that it won’t take long!

In the meantime, I’m day dreamin’ about what I want to do with our little gem of a farmhouse.

The short list:

  • rip out and replace the old farmhouse staircase (it’s great if you’re a long distance ski jumper!)
  • add a kitchen island (in white to offset the oak cabinets)
  • replace the tiny kitchen window (rip out the existing window and cupboards on either side and replace with a big ass garden window for more light and a view of the back yard!)

The long list:

  • paint, paint, paint, replace carpeting, paint, paint, paint, create garden with gazebo, get chickens, get donkey, paint, paint, paint


Living Alpaca Loca,