Whirlwind Romance

Wow! This last month or so has been a whirlwind of activity! We brought the girls home to the farm on July 25th without too much trouble. However, Alice did not fair well in the beginning, showing signs of extreme stress. We managed to situate her in the front of the trailer which seemed to help the rest of the way home. It’s a blessing that we thought to stop and check on them or we may well have lost her. Once home, we unloaded them and because it was so hot, decided to give them a good spray from the hose, which they thoroughly enjoyed!

bringing girls home

20150814_072128We managed to integrate the first flock of chickens with the second flock without too much ado. We can still see the separation in the flocks, but the second flock is growing fast and soon we won’t be able to distinguish them by size. It’ll be all in the feathers! I hadn’t planned on having 34 chickens, but it’s not much more trouble and for now, all is well. We did end up with one rooster and I’ve decided to keep him . . . as long as he doesn’t cause any trouble and doesn’t become aggressive.

The rabbits, ducks and goats have all settled in nicely. The only real trouble comes when the ducks decide to take a bath in the water in the chicken coop creating quite the mess. Yesterday I had to clean out the chicken coop three times . . . not my idea of a good time.

On August 1st we welcomed “Loki” our livestock guardian dog to the farm. He is a Maremma, a breed that originated in Italy. He is already showing signs of “guarding” . . . when he’s not in puppy mode! LOL!


Tomorrow we’re hosting our monthly “Open Farm Day” and we hope that you’ll join us. You’ll have a chance to see the farm and all its inhabitants running through their daily activities. See the Events page for more information.

Living Alpaca Loca,

The ‘ol Chicken Coop

Looking through pictures on the internet of our farm, I found this one of the chicken coop. Isn’t it pretty? Other than the old farm building out front, this is the only other red building on the property. It used to house chickens on the left and sheep on the right. For our purpose, it’s going to hold chickens and ducks . . . unless I can talk Brian into a miniature donkey . . .

It needs a bit of tidying up and perhaps some fresh paint, along with new nesting boxes and roosting bars. I might add some window boxes full of flowers. Do you think the chickens will eat the flowers?

chicken coop

Living Alpaca Loca,

Chickens and Ducks and a Peacock! Oh My!

We’ve gone cuckoo for chickens! While we patiently (I say that with a profound chagrin) wait for our house to sell, we are planning for our days on the farm. I was quite adamant that I wanted chickens, but Brian wasn’t really in on the idea. Having been out to the farm the other day and seeing what an excellent chicken coop sits right behind the house, he’s changed his mind! So this morning, we’ve been googling all kinds of chickens to see which ones would fit best with our lifestyle and needs.

We came across a couple of really good chicken sites: Purely Poultry and Keeping Chickens, both really excellent sites with loads of information and pictures. As luck would have it, we’re not far from Purely Poultry, so when we’re ready, we’ll be able to pick up our chicks.

We’ve decided on (starting in the top left corner and going clockwise) Black Australorp chickens, Cinnamon Queen chickens, Golden Lace Wyandotte chickens, a Peacock and two Cayuga ducks. It will be fun and interesting to get this flock of feathered beauties settled in to the their new home, and we’re looking forward to farm fresh eggs . . . right from our own farm!
Living Alpaca Loca,

Day Dreamin’

Now . . . we wait . . . for our current house to sell. My Angels have assured me that it won’t take long!

In the meantime, I’m day dreamin’ about what I want to do with our little gem of a farmhouse.

The short list:

  • rip out and replace the old farmhouse staircase (it’s great if you’re a long distance ski jumper!)
  • add a kitchen island (in white to offset the oak cabinets)
  • replace the tiny kitchen window (rip out the existing window and cupboards on either side and replace with a big ass garden window for more light and a view of the back yard!)

The long list:

  • paint, paint, paint, replace carpeting, paint, paint, paint, create garden with gazebo, get chickens, get donkey, paint, paint, paint


Living Alpaca Loca,