Shearing Day 2015

We had an awesome day at Dougherty Creek Farm shearing alpacas! My time was spent collecting the blankets and bagging them. The fleece was so soft and cozy I could have dived into the bin and taken a nap!

I must admit I felt a sense of pride as my girls walked up to the holding pen . . . they were so well behaved. When it was Olivia’s turn to be sheared you’d have thought it was the apocalypse. I was rather concerned as she screamed and went into a long draw . . . a warning signal to the others. Rather late in the game, they were all done!

Our first experience with shearing day was a good one. Our thanks to Kim and Linda at Dougherty Creek Farm and to Brent, our shearer, and James, his assistant and teeth cutter. Now, off to the co-op with the fleece!

Shearing Day

A short video of me collecting a blanket . . .

Living Alpaca Loca,

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