It’s a farm life for me!

Brian said to me the other day that never in a million years would he have thought to have seen me on a tractor. Nor I him, truth be told. In our almost 25 years of marriage, we’d talk now and then about how much we’d like to live on a farm and now, we are living our dream. Someone pinch me (but not too hard!).
We’ve been on our farm just a little over two months. In that time we’ve welcomed rabbits, cats, ducks, goats and chickens. In just over a month we’ll be bringing our alpacas to the farm. Five out of six of them expecting crias (baby alpacas) next spring. We’ve also purchased a Maremma puppy who will be coming to the farm at the end of July. As much work as it is – and believe me, it’s a lot of work – I am really enjoying our farm and its inhabitants. I’m in my element, grateful each morning when I rise and in the evening when I lay my head down, that the Universe saw fit to grant us this wish.
Our farm is open to anyone who wishes to visit. Bring along your water bottle and camera and stay awhile.
hay bale2

Living Alpaca Loca,

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