Closing in . . .

We’re close to buying our first alpacas! After much consideration we’ve decided on Huacaya females from Dougherty Creek Farm Alpacas. Olivia, Eliza Jane and Gabriela (know affectionately by Kim and Linda as the ‘Mallory Girls’) and Halo and Elle (mother and daughter).

Elle - 3 mo  (3)We’re going to board our little herd at Dougherty Creek Farm until we buy our own farm in one to two years. We were going to board them closer to home (DCF is an hour away), but thought in the best interest of the ‘girls’ it would be better to leave them where they’re familiar rather than moving them and then moving them again. Knowing that they’ll be well taken care of by Kim and Linda (as they have been all along!) is also another reason for boarding them at DCF.

We are extremely grateful and excited to begin our journey into the alpaca business and look forward to getting to know the ins-and-outs of the industry and how to run an alpaca farm.

Living Alpaca Loca,