Cayuga Ducklings First Swim

Our Cayuga ducklings are growing so fast! Today they are two weeks old and are as cute as ever. Last night we decided to give them their first swim in the bathtub. It was so much fun watching them race around in the water, although I was sure to be careful if they showed any signs of stress or chill.

This week I plan on getting the Duck House ready for them. They won’t be going out for another month or so, but I want it to be ready for them. Once we start getting some nicer weather – in the 80s – I’m going to let them outside to forage and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

They are a joy to behold!

We’re expecting our chicks around the beginning of June so I’m preparing for them as well. We’re also having our alpacas bred and as soon as they’ve taken, we’ll be bringing them to the farm. Our Great Pyrs should be arriving sometime in June as well.

This week our friend is coming from Canada to help with fencing. It’s going to be a lot of work and we’re sure grateful for the help!

Living Alpaca Loca,

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