About Us

We are Brian and Teresa Martens enjoying our farm along with alpacas, ducks, chickens, geese, goats, rabbits, two affectionate barn cats, a miniature pig named Finnegan, four house dogs, three parrots and a livestock guardian dog named Loki.

Alpacas had been on my radar since seeing a picture on the internet and exclaiming, “how cute is that!!”.  In October of 2014 I began researching this amazing creature. I have logged many hours on the internet reading everything I can find on the care, handling and breeding of alpacas. In January of 2015 Brian and I began visiting alpaca breeders/owners and their herds to get some hands-on experience.  What joy!

There are two types of Alpacas – Huacaya (wha-kay-ya) and Suri (sir-ee).  We decided on Huacaya’s – with their teddy bear-like faces and their soft, dense fleece, they’re pretty hard to resist!

We purchased our first six alpacas in January of 2015 and agisted (boarded) them until we were able to purchase a farm. And, we were fortunate indeed, to purchase our farm – a little piece of heaven – in April of 2015. As we prepared the farm with new fencing for the alpacas, we slowly brought rabbits, ducks, chickens and goats onto the farm. Our dream was taking shape. We busied ourselves by meeting new people, attending and participating in events, and growing a relationship with these amazing animals as well as with other alpaca owners.  Although this is going to be our “business” we want to be able to find joy in every day – grateful for the opportunity to pursue something we love – being out in nature, being with animals and farming.

We welcome you to join us on this journey and hopefully we’ll inspire you in some way to live out your dreams!

Living Alpaca Loca,

Our Feather Babies

pretty girl
Bijou (Umbrella Cockatoo). Bijou is undoubtedly the “Queen” of our household. With her loving and often mischievous nature she keeps us on our toes.

Picasso (Rainbow Lorikeet). Picasso has personality plus! He is like a little robber running around the house and hanging with our dog, Chloei. They are inseparable any time Picasso is out of his cage.

Keeya (Senegal Parrot). Keeya is the easiest-going parrot you’ll ever find. She is sweet and not demanding. She is quite happy just to sit on your shoulder and watch the day go by. She is not a fussy eater and will try almost everything you give her. Her favorite though? Pistachios!

Our Fur Babies

Chloei (Papillon). Chloei is as sweet as they come. She is usually found hanging out with Picasso who is often riding on her back. She loves dinner time and going for walks.

Oliver (Dachshund). Oliver is solid! He is a very loyal companion and is often found following Brian around the yard doing chores. His favorite thing is a new toy! We bring home toys and purposely leave them in the bag on the floor which inevitably he finds and then pulls out the toy. He’s also figured out how to open and close the dog gates we have in the house and so he’s often found looking out the front window sleeping or barking as the world goes by. He’s quite a character!

baily pictureBailey (Yorkie/Poodle mix). I found Bailey in a poodle rescue while there with my dad. One look and I knew I was in trouble. Long story short – he came home with me. Bailey is a wonderful little dog and likes nothing better than to curl up under the covers at night and sleep nice and close to me. He makes an excellent back warmer! He is soft and cuddly and loves to be held. He’s an angel in disguise!